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Residential Real Estate

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Whether you’re buying your first home, moving a growing family into a bigger house, downsizing into a more accommodating space, or taking out capital for a new project – Residential real estate transactions are often the result of a happy life event. At Brothers & Associates, we keep it that way by making your transaction as easy as possible.

By Using A Transparent And Expert Process, We Help People Who Are Buying, Selling, And Refinancing Their Homes To Have An Easy Experience And Happy Outcome, Even When The Transaction Has Complications.


Disclosure is important to our residential real estate clients. That’s why our process is totally transparent. In fact, we encourage people to ask around about residential real estate lawyers. They usually discover that Kent Brothers is the lawyer for someone they know and trust, and that his clients have great things to say about him. We’ve been in the business of real estate law for a long time – our in-depth experience can handle just about any complication, if necessary.

Brothers & Associates Is The Only Law Firm In Newfoundland And Labrador That Offers Every Client A DOUBLE GUARANTEE. We Promise Two Things:


1. There are no stereotypical “stuffy lawyer” personalities at Brothers & Associates. We’re down-to-earth Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, just like you.
2. We’ll never confuse you with complicated legal jargon. We speak your language and work with you to deliver a positive experience.

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